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    problems with multi session dvd

    When I mount a dvd that has more than one session, I can only see the first session...
    I'm sure that the dvd driver can handle multisession dvds (made a firmware update).

    I'm using 2.6.9 and I have ide-scsi loaded...

    any suggestion is appreciated

    thanks in advance!

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    You shouldn't have ide-scsi loaded -- SCSI emulation is deprecacted in 2.6.

    In any case, the ATAPI CD/DVD driver indeed supports multiple sessions. The problem is that the iso9660 filesystem driver doesn't support it. There are a few "hack filesystems" out there that you can use to mount the disk and get a pseudo filesystem that provides a few virtual files to let you access the different sessions in the disk.

    I don't remember the name of them though... might have been "cdfs". I'm sure you can find them on google, though.

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    well, the iso9660 should support multiple session, since I can view the last session when I mount a multi session CD...

    however, in order to make some tries, I burned the multi session dvd both with iso9660 and UDF, and even when I mount it UDF I can only see the files in the first session...

    I tried to remove the SCSI-IDE module... but nothing changes... here are the loaded modules:

    isofs 23140 1
    ide_cd 36512 1
    sr_mod 14660 0
    cdrom 36508 2 ide_cd,sr_mod

    and when I mount it udf, I have the udf module...

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    OK, I tried CDFS as you suggested, but I still can only see the first session

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    you can use this command:
    mount -o session=x /dev/hda /media/cdrom0
    x is a session number, but I couldn't access after the fifth session.

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