Hi there again people!

Question for you (and don't laugh)

Our company found an OLD HP Jornada 540 series pocket pc (the 32mb model, with additional 8mb of flash memory - whoohooo!) - the first thing I noticed was that it had an IR port. The company is gonna toss it, but figured hey maybe I can use this thing as a universal remote control - you would think for a singular function such as that it shouldn't need anything fancy.

I know its running with an old sh3 processor.

I'm not finding any distributions that would work with this unit. I thought I could find something using a light WM such as ICEWM but nothing so far.

Does such a distribution exist still that would work with this unit, or should I use it to see how far I can throw it (shot put style)?

Free is Free, and I would love to tinker with this thing if I had a decent enough project, with an end goal - but my skills are not that of a programmer.