Hi all,

I hope anyone here can help me .... I have setup a tape dirve to back up data, it works well ( with one tape) but now I need to "sophisticate" my back up scheme a bit more ....
i thought
The drive was backing up daily well, I had a tape labeled "tapedrivevol0001" and jobs were scheduled with this volume and all was going well ... then I decided I would like to use two tapes, and alternate them daily so if something happens I got one tape back under my matress ...and hoping my matress does not catch fire ..... well I extracted tapedrivevol0001 and inserted a new tape and called it tapedrive0002and left it .... next day I noticed the tape had been used but was labelled as full which is mad as the disk are literally empty at this moment, I left it to see what happened next and then noticed it that the schedule was waiting for me to re-mount the original tapedrive0001 ...

S0 my questions are:

1- how can I device a scheme where I can use two tapes (labelled tape1 and tape2) for alternating them daily , and a third (called weekend) for the weekend ??

2- once a job has been scheduled with one tape (tape1) how can I then next day get it to run with another tape ( another volume ??) an also use a third volume for weekend ?? how do you schedule that ?? I know I'll have to umount and mount the tapes manually every day which is fine ... but how to schedule it so it works ???

Many thanks guys ...!!!