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Thread: Memory question

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    Memory question

    I know this is a hardware question, but I think it will get a better response in this forum. I am installing two sets of DDR 3 RAM in a supermicro motherboard with a single processor. There are 6 DIMM slots. Does each pack need to be installed in the same channel, or can I start from one side and install all six DIMMS? Basically my question is if memory needs to stay together with the same DIMMS that it came in the pack with. Again the memory is the same brand, same type, same speed, and will be populating all six slots on CPU 0. I was told this does effect the system, but have heard different answers.

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    This shouldn't have any effect. If all DIMMS are the same, then it doesn't matter which pack they came in when you are installing them

    Even if they were slightly different, it shouldn't have an effect since they will run at the speed of the slowest one, but the multichannel might be another story

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    As coopstah13 said, it shouldn't matter. However, if the manufacturer of the DIMMS indicates that they are matched pairs, then keep them together (in the same channel). Just remember to practice good anti-static habits so you don't zap one of them...
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