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    I have three identical cases, with three simular motherboards (asus p5phl) and three simular cpu's lga775. All populated simularily w/ sata dvd-rom and harddrives.

    Two installed easily. Third refused to install. Randomly, but typically during the format during install, the computer would totally freeze, w/o warning. I checked everything.

    Ram test, cpu test, drive tests, swapped motherboard, cpu , drives, powersupply. But nothing worked. Finally, I tried swapping the ram (2 GB) with a ram stick in a working computer (1 GB). Now it works perfectly.

    I can see no difference in either Ram, other than the size. The motherboard is good for 4 GB over two slots. And the (defective) ram is working just fine in the other motherboard. Why? Who knows... This leads me to conclude:

    1) Printed specifications are maybees:
    2) Software tests are maybees.
    3) Swapping is the only true test.
    4) Just because it doesn't work, doesn't mean it's broken...



    p.s. Three weeks (parttime) I wasted getting it working.

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    memtest86 or it did not happen.

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    Three identical systems. 2 work, one doesn't. Preponderance of evidence is that there is a hardware problem with the motherboard (most likely). If manufacturer doesn't have a thorough system test program to run, then send it back for replacement.
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    Did you stick the ram in the second slot of the PC that works?

    If so try swapping them round to see if it still works
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