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    Best wireless card for linux

    Hi all i use suse linux 9.1 pro and soon i want to upgrade to 9.2 and i am thinking to buy a wireless card for my local network so i want to know which is the best compatible to use
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    This might help you i used the search terms: wireless cards linux in Google

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    I personally have the Netgear wg511. Works like a fscking champ out of the box.

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    wg511 - beware two versions

    There are (at least) two versions of this card. The "Made in Taiwan" (MK2) and "Made in China" (MK3) have the same vendor/product IDs.

    The MK2 (Taiwan) will work out of the box with recent distros using the prism54 driver (from (You may need to install the firmware file from the manufacturer's disc or find it via the website).

    The MK3 will look like it almost works but refuse to upload the firmware, causing much pain and head-scratching.

    I got mine working using the ndiswrapper (see sourceforge) which installed and ran fine using a 2.6 series kernel on Fedora Core2.


    The Fedora kernels have a config option removed - CONFIG_4K_STACKS. Some (lots) of the windows NDIS drivers (as loaded by the ndiswrapper) need bigger stacks, 4K is the default with 2.6 kernels and mandatory without a patch (or "vanilla" kernel) under Fedora. The ndiswrapper issues a warning, but this particular card (Chinese WG511) has an XP driver which appears to work fine with 4K stacks.

    Linexant's driverloader should, I guess, also work with this card, but it costs money so I haven't tried it... They (linexant) also supply (free) pre-compiled patched 2.6 kernels with 16k stacks, should you need one.


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