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Thread: Lexmark Printer

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    I had hoped for better results, but having attempted an install of this driver myself, I was afraid of this.

    In synaptic package manager, search for: ia32-libs

    Tell us if this package is installed. If it is not, install it; although, I doubt it will have any affect.

    After you have installed the above package, attempt the install again. This time look for something like this in all the text that is put out in the terminal:

    Warning: No installer for "x86_64" found, defaulting to x86...
    You'll have to scroll back up through all the stuff that was put out.

    Proceed to install the driver and look for this:

    dpkg: warning: overriding problem because --force enabled:
    package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)
    Although that ia32libs package is supposed to allow 32 bit apps/drivers to be installed and function, I have yet to see it work with this driver. I was hoping that it was just my machine, but if you confirm my results, than I would have to say that my experience was not just a fluke.

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    Well you are correct. I get the results that you posted. So I guess Lexmark doesn't have drivers that will work on the AMD64 ( for this machine anyway). That's a bummer. But on a brighter note both you and sgosnell have provided me with alot of insight into the terminal. I would like to say thanks to both of you for holding my hand thru this.

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    UPDATE: For those of you that would like to know I got the printer working. Here was the solution : and installed libstdc++5 from package manager. That was the solution from the folks over at Android Forums. Thanks for everybodys help and hope that will get your printer going chadfluegge.

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    Thanks for posting your solution, hopefully it'll help others in need.
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    Thanks for the reply! I'm out of town at the moment and I do not have access to my computer. I have bookmarked this thread and will revisit as soon as I get home. It would be great to be able to print to this printer from over the network! Thanks for reporting back,

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    I'm curious to know if you got your printer going with this.?

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