hi to all,
i need your help!
few days ago i purposed this ip cam

i was very happy whith it since the latest firmware came out
i downloaded from the ftp site of the company and try to upload it to tha cam!
and here is when my problem starts!

unfortunately something goes wrong and the cam is off since then
it only powers on but nothing else! no ip,no nothing!
is seems that the firmware failed to installed

the firmware was this type of file (FM_DOZ_V1.0.2.2-20101210.pk2)
what kind of file is this?

in specs says that has a 32-Bits RISC,Embedded Linux Sys.

can i reprogram the cpu using linux through ethernet in order to reinstall the firmware so the cam work again!

the camera powers on and also the rj45 lights but it doesn't give me an ip!
or can i reflash the eprom memory with a programmer!

can something like that work in my case?
i tried to reset the cam but nothing happened

i haven't opened the camera yet to see the board but in the monitor program it say HI3512

can someone help me to make my cam full fuction again!

sorry for my english!
thanks !