Hi all!

I recently bought a Dell D630 (used). The machine is ”ok” I guess, except for the fact that the fan is incredibly loud and annoying. I sort of solved that issue by buying one of those ”cooling pads” with even more fans(!), but as long as the laptop doesn't rest directly on a table - it helps even without the built-in fans in the pad. That, and tweaking a bit with a nifty little application called i8k (i8kmon) at least makes the fan STOP when it's not needed. Without i8k - they are more or less constantly buzzing, and driving me insane.

However, I discovered that by enabling the Nvidia driver, the fans are a little less noisy. I also discovered there are TWO different drivers; current and 173. Could someone please be so kind as to point out the differences between the two for me?

Best regards,