I am looking for a eSATA card that is well supported in Linux. Particularly, I am looking for an eSATA card that works with a linux driver and can handle NCQ. (NCQ should allow the card to operate fast. My card/driver combination apparently does not handle NCQ.) The upgrade may help, since I suspect that there is more support for eSATA drivers in the PCI-e configuration than my current PCI requirement.

I need 14 more posts to post a link to the card I think I have found to be the best fit so far... but it is a

PCI to SATA/ESATA/IDE RAID Controller Card Adapter, With 2 SATA + 1 ESATA + 1 IDE Port

any other suggestions????

also if there is a better place, even another site, to be posting linux/hardware related questions, i would be happy to oblige.

thanks in advance