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    Your thoughts on a sata internal hard drive for storage

    I plan on buying an internal hard drive. I am stuck on Western Digital hard drives, Seagate is my second choice. The WD's HD's are the cheapest so I am going to stick with them, money is as always tight. External hard drives are not an option at this point. They cost more and I would rather have everything nice and neat inside the tower.

    I checked out different types they have. Black, Green, Blue. It seems that the Green would be perfect for storage. They automatically spin down when not in use. Don't all sata Hard Drives do that these days?

    I am not too worried about power consumption in general, but since this will be for storage I would like it to last a very long time.

    I am looking at space from 1TB-2TB. It seems the WD green 2TB are around 100USD. A good price range. Anyone have experiences with them? Is it as good as I come to expect from WD?

    I did find a program for linux called Spindown. But I would rather do this automatically at the hardware level, also I do boot into Windows XP on occasion so something at a hardware level would be preferred.

    This is not something I really paid attention to in the past. But my media alone is really increasing each year and I would hate to loose it all and start from scratch. (Also it is a real pain ripping all my cd's/dvd's. I have that many...)

    So what are every ones thoughts, experiences and suggestions on this?

    Edit: I am using Debian Squeeze 64bit and I plan on using Truecrypt to encrypt my storage drive.

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    I use a WD Caviar Green (WD7500AADS) 750GB for what you contemplate --
    slow, reliable are two adjectives I would use for it.

    Cannot recommend going over this capacity as I have heard too many bad things about reliability above it, from many manufacturers.

    I use it in conjunction with Clonezilla and a 500GB 2.5" Seagate I have had no problems with, either, as a portable with external enclosure.

    All I can say is what has worked for me.

    Best wishes!

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