Hi my fellow friends,

I have a question to ask you guys. In our classroom we have a Samsung series 4 LCD Monitor (dont know the exact size but i think its > 32"). It is used as a secondary display and it is connected to a computer running Red Hat 6. When our teacher uses the GUI, it runs perfectly fine on the desktop monitor and the LCD monitor that is fixed on the wall, but when the terminal is opened on the machine it shows fine on the desktop monitor but on the Samsung LCD the output is cropped. I mean the left part of the terminal where the hostname and the shell prompt is displayed is not visible properly. So guys can you please tell me if there is a way to fix this. Thanks.

P.s. Also there seems to be a new problem with the display. Previously we used Red Hat 5.5 and the LCD monitor produced colors accurately. Now we have switched to Red Hat 6 and there seems to be a yellowish tinge to all the colors. Even the white font on the terminal looks like yellow! Is this a driver error? If so how can it be fixed. Thanks for listening to my problem