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    Firewire card recommendation

    I'm running Fedora 14, and need to use firewire to transfer video from my camera. I have a port on the front of my case, but no 1394 header on the motherboard. I need to find a PCI express firewire card that is compatible with linux and has an internal header for the port on the front of my case. I know I could just get a longer cable to run from the back, but the front port is more convenient. Anyway, I looked at a SYBA card (Model SY-PEX30001), which looks like exactly what I want and costs less than $20, but SYBA tech support says the chipset is not Linux compatible. Does anyone have a recommendation that won't cost more than $40-50? Thanks.

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    Sorry. Did not come up with a solution.

    Maybe what you are looking for. Can't swear to Linux compatibility though.

    Product Requirements:
    Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/2003 Server/XP/Vista
    Mac OS 9.2 or higher
    Linux OS 2.4.X or higher
    Supported memory cards
    Available 5.25-inch drive bay
    USB, FireWire, SATA and audio motherboard connectors

    5.25" USB 2.0/FireWire/SATA All-in-One MultiFunction Internal Card Reader w/Temp LCD CX-ICR-009

    I use a cheap chinese made 2 port usb with Firewire PCMCIA Cardbus on my old IBM Laptops and even Puppy Linux Automounts the connections when plugged in.

    I read at Newegg under customer reviews that the rear pci SYBA cards for 6.99 and 8.99 were working in Linux with no configuring also. I'll go ahead and repost the links/comments though I know they are not for front of case. There is a internal firewire port on this card though.

    Newegg just scroll down to comments. The reason I deleted it is it is not pci express. Might want to research this one also.
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    Thanks for the pointers. I'm waiting to hear back from Rosewill tech support regarding Linux compatibility.

    I actually have an internal card reader similar to the one you linked to above, but mine requires an internal firewire header to use the firewire ports. I suspect this one has the same requirement.

    I know there are plenty of PCI cards with Linux compatibility, but this doesn't seem to be the case with PCI Express. I only found one PCIe card on Newegg that claims Linux support (StarTech PEX1394B3LP - I don't have enough posts to include the link), but it costs $62.79 and has no internal header. For that price I could just about buy a new motherboard with firewire built in.

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    According to Rosewill, the RC-504 card uses the VIA 6315N chipset. They cannot verify that it is Linux compatible, but the same chipset is used on several ASUS motherboards that are supposed to be Linux compatible. I will probably try this card since it is relatively inexpensive ($25). Unfortunately it doesn't have an internal header, but it does have an internal port. Maybe there is a way to convert the connector inside my case.

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