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    Home Recording Studio

    There is an old locked thread in the entertainment area that I would like to renew. Home recording studios. Digital Audio Workstations. Multi Track Recorders etc...

    My first post would be to ask if anyone has made any headway getting a zoom r16 or r24 to work in linux, and please donít whine about wine!

    My second is to ask / talk about software including distros for multimedia studios. I am on AV Linux which seems to have way more than I need and has a live cd ISO available with the option of installation. It is a Debian/ubuntu based setup already tweaked and ready to go. I really like it, and it comes with Ardour VST.

    As far as my Zoom issue, it came with the windows Cubase, but all it ever did was lock up when you get 2 or 3 minutes into using it, so I got rid of it. Currently I record on the zoom, and then usb the files onto the shared NTFS partition so I have access from Linux or Windows. It would be nice to see a linux based setup that does everything Cubase does, only without the constant system crashes!

    Anyway, any comments?
    Whatís a good distro for the home audio recording guy?
    Whatís a good multi track package?
    What devices do you use to record with?

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    Hey! I've just told my best friend, and a expert on studio/musicproduction in linux enviroment about your post. So hang in there, an answer will come.

    EDIT: Been in contact with my friend and this is a translation of what he wrote to me:

    From dknation

    First mail:
    First of all, I am not a linux expert, and second, I actually looked up opportunities to run the zoom r16 in linux because I thought it could be a smart and mobile solution if you have a laptop.
    Now the thing that I have Googled incredible number of hours on the matter, although there is some time ago now, and come to the conclusion that there would be an appropriate purchase for use in Linux.

    Sure you can get it to work but it's there with the USB sound card is a completely different world and as long as ALSA looks like it does, he will not have any control over the card even if he might get up the channels. I managed to course record with my Zoom H2 as USB sound card when I could only see if it was. Well, it happened, of course.
    Will look around a bit more about the r16 but I think you probably have an equal chance that I will find something.
    Oh well .. I will not sit here and write more now.

    Second mail:
    This with Zoom R16 is actually even worse than I thought.
    Have read a bit more now and you actually get more results now than when I searched for it later.
    The sad thing is that you get the more pages that says it can not use the zoom R16 in Linux.

    The good thing is that there are people who are trying to figure the drive.
    There are also people who have contacted Zoom and asked to receive the source code for drivers for MacOSX.
    There is always something going on so I guess it will happen something in the future.
    When is a little hard to say.

    Unfortunately, because it is a really nice view.
    Having a zoom R16, a laptop with Linux, some micar ..
    Easy to pack, and you always have more than okay studio with you wherever you go.
    Portability of a porta studio but editing capabilities (screen, keyboard), which on a computer system.

    One can certainly use the R16 as a clean porta studio as well. The store on sdkort.
    And then I suppose you could record the channels you need and then just pull over wavfilerna for a project in Ardour and edit them from there.
    I guess the guy already read the content on these pages.
    It's really just the last page that can lead nowhere but the second is a bit interesting too.
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