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    RAM issue- Dell e2100 desktop

    I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 on a Dell e2100 desktop (the media model I believe). 1 GB RAM, 2.2 intel celeron processor. I can provide more if needed.

    Anytime I do anything (browse internet, open files, etc.) the CPU monitor on the panel shoots up to 100% it is also somewhat slow. Manageable, but slow. I don't know why my RAM is being eaten up like this. The monitor shows typical processes running, and whatever is running will take up most of the memory.

    Now, I've ran a 128mb ram emachines for XP years ago and even that wasn't as bad as this, so I do not believe "low ram" is the issue. Neither for the processor. For simply moving around the computer, it should not need the entire gig.

    I've tried Xubuntu to see if a lower end linux install would matter- maybe linux was taking up too much? But no, same issue, no difference.

    My main problem is that I bought this from a friend for simple use, like browsing internet and playing older games like Doom and Quake. Problem is, Quake runs at about one frame every minute and Doom is choppy. Now, if my computer can't run Doom correctly...there must be an issue. Maybe problems with all of the parts being unable to communicate with each other fully?

    I'm looking into talking to who I bought it from, but he only creates computers and messes with Windows, not too much at all with Linux.

    Any help would be appreciated, for the price I got it I'd like to keep it rather than sell it back and buy another for more. Thanks

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    most likely you need to install the graphics driver

    what is the graphics card in the system? the wrong driver can cause all sorts of problems

    FWIW, XP years ago, is much different from XP today, with SP3 you need at least 512mb to run it

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    I typed lspci and got Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE/PE DRAM.

    Searched in google, found the driver for it for linux from Intel, got "i915Graphics.tar.gz" I unzipped this, cd'd into it and typed "make install" which only got a

    "cat >install
    chmod a+x install"

    response, which doesn't seem like much as usually I see a lot of text after installing something.

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    I did as it said and installed it, then created the xorg.conf. Same problems, even after a reboot. For the .conf, I typed exactly what it said and then saved it as xorg.conf, if that matters.

    edit: I opened up the monitor and had it run always on top to see what exactly was taking up 100%, so I clicked around a few websites until the panel's graph knocked up to full again. The RAM stays where it's at, at a reasonable level constantly. It's the CPU that likes to jump to 100% and only sit still at about 30%. Another piece of the puzzle..
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