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    Question is ANYBODY syncing to an iPod ?

    ... and if so, what distro and application are you using ? So far, I've tried 3 different distros with several apps, in each case I can get to exactly the same point and no further. I've got:

    - Scientific Linux 6 (RHEL6) with Rhythmbox 0.12.8
    - Fedora 14 with Rhythmbox 0.13.3, Banshee 1.8.1, gtkpod 1.0.0 libgpod 0.7.93
    - Ubuntu 10.10 with Rhymbox 0.13.1, Banshee 1.8.0, gtkpod 1.0.0 using libgpod 0.7.93
    - iPod is a 6th generation Nano.

    The problem seems to have two components.

    - If I load songs onto the ipod from iTunes (Win7 and XP), both rhythmbox and Banshee will see them and/or play them. So far, so good.

    - I cannot sync songs from either Rhythmbox or Banshee. If I try to sync it to a playlist I've created in either app, it will ACT like it's syncing, I get a progress bar in the app and a syncing message on the ipod, but when i disconnect the ipod says I have no songs. It doesn't seem to matter whether i eject from within the app or 'safely remove device' from the desktop. I get no error messages from either app. If I plug the ipod back in, neither app sees any songs on it.

    - When I open gtkpod with the iPod attached, I first get the message: " Warning: The following has occurred: Extended info will not be used." Is it meaningful ? I dunno. I have no idea what it means. I can create a playlist for the ipod within gtkpod, but if I try to copy a song from my music folder to it, I get an warning window with two messages: "import of 'home/phred/music/Coldplay - viva la vida.m4a failed: m4a/m4b/m4p not" and the following track could not be processed (filetype is known but analysis failed): 'home/phred/music/Coldplay - viva la vida.m4a'" I get the impression the first message is truncated but I'm not sure where to look further. The song in question SHOULD be compatible with an iPod - Heck, I imported it FROM an iPod.

    Has anybody gotten any further than this ? If so, what distro and app are you using ?

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    The reason Linux people like Android devices better than iPod is because we can write our own software for Android, whereas Apple makes the iPod impossible to use with anything except for the OS they approve of: currently only Apple computers, and Windows computers with iTunes.

    Linux users say, "to hell with any non-open platform, especially Windows and Mac OS".

    If you want to hack you iPod, ask an expert, and in person, because you can get in trouble with the DMCA for hacking the iPod, or anything really. Just Google "George Hotz" and see what happened to him for hacking the PlayStation 3.

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