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    Dramatic drop in performance of a graphic card

    Hello all,

    I have a curious problem here and I am hoping one or more of the hardware wizards can explain.

    I had a Radeon graphic card installed on a box running an AMD 2GHz processor and 2gig memory. This box died for some reason and, since I had to enable the services in short order, I moved the disc containing the OS (SuSE 11.2) and the card to a new box.

    This has an Intel Pentium running at 1.7 GHz and 1 gig of memory.

    Bearing in mind that the software (OS etc) and the graphic card is the same (same physical disc, same physical card) and even the monitor is the same I don't understand why the card is now giving frame rates some 5+ times slower than on the other machine.

    On the original box, glxgears gave an average FPS rate of upper 3000 to early 4000. Now, it gives upper 600 to early 700. I kind of expected that I might see a little drop to account for the 300MHz drop in CPU power but this is ridiculous.

    Monitoring the memory use during the glxgears run shows no swap activity at all so the 1 gig memory is sufficient.

    Cheers - VP

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    Yeps, understood and I wouldn't rely on it for that purpose. However, in this case...

    Everything except the cpu and motherboard is the exact same so I thought that what I was looking at is some measure of difference in the underlying ability of the two different "host" hardware environments to support this card and its associated driver etc combo.

    I've been digging into it and there seems to be issues like memory types, fsb rates, agp channel rates(?) and a number of other things. Not being a hardware guy, some of it is beyond my ken.

    So. Although I still don't know exactly what is causing the drop off in graphics performance, I at least now know that whilst the card involved is a factor, it is by no means the dominating one.

    BTW. I have posted this question on another forum and you are the only person so far to make a reply despite several views. Thank you, I very much appreciate your input.

    Cheers - VP

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    I would suspect that when the original box died, it may have damaged the card. You can pick up some fairly inexpensive cards now, so if you need a better frame rate I would go that route. You may spend a few $, but you would save a lot of time trying to chase down and implement a solution.
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