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    4 dvd burners working together?

    I am putting a server together with the following base configuration:

    P4 3.06
    2 gb RAM (4x512)
    200 GB hard drive (sata)
    2 TB hard drive (sata)
    winfast tv 2000 xp
    1 gb network card (all pcs in my home use 1gb)
    a generic IDE card, with 2 extra IDE ports
    an additional USB card (to give me 14 ports. I want to connect at least 5 usb bluetooth dongles to these. I have heard that if bluetooth dongles or wifi dongles or hard drives are used, that two should not be put on the same..."line" (sorry for the lack of the technical term) so that only half of the ports can be used. I often invite college students to my home for activities and we always end up taking pictures or sharing music, etc. I want to have enough bt dongles so that this can be done easily and quickly.
    possibly an additional video capture card

    Hooked up to this:
    Minolta laser printer; HP inkjet; soon to have a flatbed scanner

    What I want this to do:
    be my print server
    be my answering machine (can retrieve messages while not home)
    be my web machine with vpn access. I have another computer that I use for work but I find that if I change my settings to use the vpn, it keeps me from using some websites
    synchronize data files from my pda and other computers to this hd
    hopefully, download all info from my cell phone to it
    use to download torrents
    use to duplicate dvds (4 dvd burners)
    store mp3 and video for my htpc
    in general will be data storage for 3 other pcs

    It is a lot of functions but there will be few instances when the computer is doing more than 2 of them at the same time. I think one of the biggest issues I will have will be keeping this puppy cool - the case is full of cards and wires!

    My question: About a year ago I heard of some apps that can burn multiple copies of a dvd at the same time. There was some discussion, however, as to whether or not the hardware in a computer would be able to handle this much throughput. I have 4 ide channels in my computer - the 2 on the motherboard, that can handle 4 devices - and 2 on a pci card, that are able to handle 4 devices. If I connect 1 dvd to each of these channels will this eliminate the throughput issue? Any thoughts?

    Also, the age old question, which distro would you recommend? This will be my first...but I have played with my friends Linux netbook...and am still a diehard fan of DOS 6x

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    Don't bother unless you want a lot of coasters. It does take specialized hardware to burn more than one disc at a time. The way the OS does file buffering for I/O, and the issues with IDE master/slave channel priorities from the interrupt/DMA perspective, really makes burning more than one disc at a time. FWIW, you can get a 4-disc dedicated duplicator for under $400USD, or $500 if you want more options and bigger storage for images you want to burn. Here is a link: 1 to 4 Target CD DVD Duplicator |
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