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    New Motherboard for a new custom built system


    I am building a new system and I will get i7 2600k as the CPU. I wounder which mobo to get. The computer shop's employee said MSI with x58 chipset (I do not know the exact model number) is among the best for i7 2600k. Do you think it will be good for a linux system? Is there anything I need to know about supporting MoBos for linux or any MoBo will work with linux.

    I am afraid because this CPU has integrated GPU and this could be an issue when I purchase a discrete GPU, as you know the same issue with current laptops of 2 GPUs.

    I know I talked too much but I need your help. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I just checked MSI site and it seems I cant update the BIOS without installing windows, I think I won't get it. Is there a Motherboard that does not force me to install windows.
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    I would get an Intel compatible mobo to go with your i7.
    Intel has open source drivers that are integrated into the Linux kernel, so you would have almost no risk of incompatibility.

    As far as updating the BIOS... if it's a new model board, do you have a specific reason to need to update it?

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    I've been very happy with Intel motherboards. They go to great lengths to support Linux on them, and you can update the BIOS without Windows. You may need to install FreeDOS or such on a thumb drive to install the BIOS, but they help with instructions for doing that if necessary. Visit the Intel web site. They have full specs and documentation there for all of their motherboards, and you can send them questions that the docs don't answer, and expect an answer in a day or so.
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