hi linux users!

I have and question for you

What kind of linux I must install to run with my video card

ATI Radeon x1950 Pro (pci-e version)
I like to use fedora or mint or some versions who have cool style with awesome desktop effects.

I tried fedora 15/13, ubuntu 10.04, mint 11/9 and I have not succeeded to install the driver for video.

it doesn't matter if the distribution is on 32 or 64 bit I have amd athlon 64 3000+

I want a rpm distribution not a deb. I dislike it
the video card didn't make problems with green flash screen(or what is called) but I am not able to give full effect
I would be very grateful if you tell me what distribution to use and how to make the driver to work propretly

sorry for my bad english

waiting for a reply
if you want more details please post

with respect catalin!