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    amazon kindle as monitor


    my english isn't best so please forgive me any language mistakes.
    I hope we'll understand well.

    From long time all my activities connected with computers are painful because me eyes are becoming tired very fast, which cause headache and generally make work impossible.

    Cure for my problems is e-ink, im in possesion of Amazon kindle 3 now and it's beyond awesome for me. I've checked a lot of sites and keywords about ' e-ink monitor ', or desktop display, or using e-ink reader as computer display - and at this moment there isn't single device od market with such a function, but a lot of prototypes.

    I've found also, that almost all e-ink readers are functioning on linux. My knowledge about linux is less than none, but some people written, that it should be possible to somehow make kindle a display for pc by making some linux operations on both

    What i'm asking You is not:

    - informing me about disadvantages of e-ink display, framerates, movies, speed and any other things, i don't care about any of those at all

    - informing me about some crap imitations of e-ink like pixel qi, anything which isn't exactly e-ink is in my book worth nothing in terms of comfortable work with text

    What i'm really asking is someone that will seriously try to make amazon kindle a monitor/display for netbook/notebook/pc. I'm really not geek at all, so i will not understand any of details, i'm asking someone to do it - and write precise, step by step
    guide for me which will tell me what i should do to use my kindle as computer display.

    It may need change of OS, it may cause lose of data, it doesn't matters - what i need is fully operational internet browser with mouse and keyboard - on e-ink. So kindle attached to any
    kind of pc/netbook as display will be great.

    If task need some changes with hardware, or inside device
    - i can buy the one that You will modify from You after i will see pictures as proof that it works.

    I'm open on any suggestions, i just need to achieve the goal.

    Thank You for Your interest.

    Please help me.
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    Hello and welcome aboard, borucki1!

    Most users probably wouldn't be willing to go out and purchase a Kindle, then very likely void any warranty or chance of returning it with such customizations, left only to hope that you would buy it from them when all the modifications are done. For that reason, you'd probably be better off to go to some local computer shop or to a local Linux Users Group with a Kindle that you've already purchased, then contract with them to modify and customize it to suit your own needs.

    Best of luck to you with it, either way.

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    offer isn't actual anymore.

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    Nice idea, but I think the biggest problem is that e-ink is slow (at least for the time being). You own a Kindle and therefore you know the page turn times. This is surely not the end (see this for instance YouTube - ‪Eink Paper High Speed Page Flip‬‏) but unlike normal screens e-ink works with physical particles and not only with light. Therefore it is very complicated and still very expensive to create screens, which are properly fast. You wouldn't be (and perhaps never will be) able to watch videos on e-ink oder play games or do anything else, which requires more than just a couple of frames per second. Even the high speed example form the video above doesn't have more than 4 or 5 fps.
    But who knows, maybe some day you will be happy to play your favorite game at 60fps on an e-ink screen. But that will take more than just a couple of years for sure.
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    I'm facing the same problem as borucky1 and think there must be a lot of people in this situation.
    I work in IT as a functional analyst. Most of my day is spent editing Word/Excel documents, E-mailing, logging in to a ERP software, reading PDF files and browsing articles on the web. An E-ink-like monitor or whatever technology would be enough and a huge improvement for my eyes.
    Speaking of which, I have red eyes due to years of using a computer (and getting old). My eye doctor said that this condition is the first reason why people go to their eye doctor nowadays. The bad news is that there is no cure, you can only put eye drops to alleviate the problem. Since the medical field cannot help, IT needs to provide better monitors.
    Two months I bought a kindle DX and use it to read PDF files. I love it. I cannot speak for long term effects but at least my eyes don’t hurt and this is much better than the current monitor technologies.
    I'm sure down the road some technology will be available. In the meantime it would be nice to have a workaround. Knowing that there are limitations, I would love to be able to use it as a monitor for basic computing tasks.

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