I'm still pretty green on Linux, so please have mercy on my soul...

I'm trying to set up a freevo box, and so far it has worked out pretty good.
Then I tried to make it boot into freevo automatically, and I've met a lot of problems from this.

I use nvtv to handle my tv-out on my GeForce4 card, and this has given me quite some grief.
I have 2 questions on nvtv in combination with the TV-out on my GeForce card:

1) I get a screen full of scrambled lines, when I run freevo as it's own X-windows manager, and let freevo load up nvtv. I've done this by auto-logging in a user in bash, and started freevo with "freevo -fs" in the user's .bash_profile.
Sometimes I get a scrambled image, with no sense whatsoever, and sometimes it wraps itself around the center of the screen, with what should have been the left and right side - meeting on the middle of the screen (kinda hard to explain). It flickers too, in both "modes".
I am guessing this happens because of some option set incorrectly in my xorg.conf... Can anyone point me in the right direction, on how to configure the tv-out correctly?

The info I've found in the doc, doesn't seem to work for me.
Google gave me a blank on this so far, and I'm moving on the edge of insanity...

2) If I enter X11/Gnome, start nvtv with the same line as I use from freevo, the tv-out turns on correctly. This again hinted some sort of driver configuration, that I am just ignorant of.
However, when I do get the tv-out to function correctly, my TV shows a quite thick vertical blue stripe on the left hand side of the screen, and it pushes the real output to the right, so it falls out on the right hand side of the screen.

With the X-windows tool that nvtv provides without any args, I've calculated the blue stripe to be about 50 pixels wide (trial and error).


Some relevant info on my system setup:

My xorg.conf is pretty much like what I've found in the above doc.
To correct the stripe on the left hand, I found a property called TVXPosOffset
(by reading through this file: http://www.ok--computer.com/linux/asus/XF86Config-4 )
But that's not it, because I put a line in my xorg.conf that looks like this:
Option "TVXPosOffset" "-32" # should have moved the picture to the left, but it didn't.
I put this line in my section for defining my GeForce card, and it didn't work.

Like I wrote, if I enter X-windows (startx) and start nvtv, I can set all the properties manually - and everything is peacy. The nvtv gui even lets me move the TV-output in any direction, so I figure if I can do this manually, surely I can configure my way into it...

Some system specs:
Graphics card: GeForce 4 GTS 128MB
TV-output is connected by SVHS cable, to an adapter in my TV - which converts the SVHS to Scart (I don't have SVHS input in my TV).
Fedora Core 3 / up2date'd.
NVidia Driver V. 1.0-6629 - installed correctly (I think... the .run file gave me an "ok" in the end)

If anyone have a magic touch on why I'm stupid, and I should just go do "this and that" - and it'll work, I'd be very grateful..

Thank you.