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    Slow preview of DV video in kdenlive

    Hi, I'm not exactly sure if this is a hardware or software issue. Basically, I have a mini-DV camcorder (Sony DCR-TRV17) that I'm hooking up via Firewire (Agere Systems FW322/323 chipset built into mainboard) - transfers work just fine, any video I copy off the camera via dvgrab (or within kdenlive, also via dvgrab) is perfectly fine. But the live preview inside kdenlive is very choppy. I'm not sure quite how kdenlive previews the DV video (since it's getting it from dvgrab - just streaming it into memory, I guess?) or what could be going wrong here, but if I can get it behaving better, I'd really like to...

    (EDIT): It may just be a kdenlive thing. Took a bit of tinkering to get Kino to connect to the camera, but when I did it gave a much smoother preview...
    (EDIT again): Totally not a hardware issue, sorry. For those curious, it appears to be a consequence of how kdenlive is launching ffplay to do the preview: it explicitly specifies DV format (ffplay -f dv -) and this causes the decoder to choke periodically...
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