I've put off this problem of dealing with this for months. Well, linux gurus have decided not to autoconfigure such old cards in order to avoid BSOD on linux install. I'd like to get SPDIF/Optical working again--analog still works, I think. I have this question though: Do the newer sound cards gamers like feature better compatibility?: The answer is no. I purchased several cards with such 8738 chips simply because they were better supported--they worked well for several years--autoconfig--no problem. Works great in windows XP (for which this machine generally is used). I didn't know that this is the fault of neglect in Kubuntu/Ubuntu install. Booting says something about codecs missing.

I like 11.04, though, since it isn't "shocked" into blank screens at install by better ATi cards as other previous distros were. Installing fglrx (for better resolutions and speed) is seamless--very welcome.

Does anyone offer a (konsole/terminal) procedure which allows fuller compatibility in 11.04? I've seen a lot of loose "gobbledygook." The gobbledygook must be exact, though. (I believe the same situation exists in Ubuntu 11.04.) I tried to get pulse audio correctly installed and I succeeded, I believe. That's likely helpful. Still--no digital sound--I'm switching to analog. I hope that works, given all the tweaks I've tried in phonon/pulse.... Thanks!

Aopen CM 8738-based, w/daughter card
Asus Skt. 754 board, KV8-SE-X VIA K8T800
AMD Sempron 3300+, 32-bit
1 gb mem
Sapphire AGP Radeon 3850
Hitachi 500 GB SATA. Samsung 160GB SATA.
Kubuntu 11.04, 32-bit
Windows XP Home, SP3