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    Graphics are slow

    I have a computer that has always been running linux. I've tried Mandrake, and Fedora Core 2 (current). The graphics for both distros are very slow.

    I do know that when installing fedora, my screen was not reconized. Its an HP Pavillon v50 (Model No. p1287b). Also my computer has built in graphics and sound (sound works with Fedora, just not Mandrake). If you need to know how much ram: 384mb ram (DDR266), and as for the processor: 1.7gz Intel Celeron.

    I guess my question is where to get drivers for my screen (or is it my graphics, which is 32mb shared by the way). I am new to linux, and I don't know too much about it. I do know what drivers are, but how to install them etc is a mystery to me. I can bearly 'install' programs as it is. (I was able to install Firefox once, when it was Mandrake).


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    so is your graphics card built into your motherboard or is it seperate?
    do you know what brand it is?

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    Post the output of lspci. Or figure it out for yourself once you see that output, as it will have the graphics card listed in there.

    Just a side note. Your graphics are most likely going to be slow no matter what you do. Onboard graphics are crappy (esp. with shared RAM), as they have always been. They *have* gotten better recently (i.e.- since nvidia started making chipsets), but they still pretty much suck. On top of that, you have a celeron 1.7. This CPU runs pretty much like a retarded PIII ~1GHz.

    I'm not trying to flame you or bust your nuts on your choice of hardware. I just wanted to tell you that you shouldn't be surprised if installing the drivers for your graphics card don't do jack for you.
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