I have an old Sparc station 5 that needs manual interaction to boot up. I use those Sparc station normally only via SSH.

One of them gets stuck after the self-test before booting and needs manual interaction via a RS232 terminal emulation.

Below is the output from ttyA when it stops. When the "ok" appears, I need to enter "boot" to go further.

Someone knows what's going on?

MB86907 POST 2.2.3 03SEP96

Probing system memory: 32 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Config = 88000002
512Kb ecache detected
1.1.1 mem ram walking ones Pass
1.1.2 mem ram address Pass
1.1.3 mem ram post r/w region Pass
1.1.4 mem ram obp r/w region Pass
1.2.1 mem control parity Pass
2.1.1 srmmu regs read/write Pass
2.2.1 srmmu ram io-tlb Pass
2.2.2 srmmu ram d-tlb Pass
2.2.3 srmmu ram pdt cache Pass
3.1.1 iommu reg read/write Pass
3.1.2 iommu reg flush individual Pass
3.1.3 iommu reg flush all Pass
3.2.1 iommu timeout ebus Pass
3.2.2 iommu timeout sbus Pass
4.1.1 fpu reg regfile Pass
4.1.2 fpu reg misalign Pass
4.1.3 fpu reg single precision Pass
4.1.4 fpu reg double precision Pass
4.2.1 fpu exceptions single precision Pass
4.2.2 fpu exceptions double precision Pass
5.1.1 cache dcache ram Pass
5.1.2 cache dcache address Pass
5.1.3 cache dcache tag Pass
5.1.4 cache dcache clear Pass
5.2.1 cache icache ram Pass
5.2.2 cache icache address Pass
5.2.3 cache icache tag Pass
5.2.4 cache icache clear Pass
5.3.1 cache ecache ram Pass
5.3.2 cache ecache address Pass
5.3.3 cache ecache tag Pass
5.4.1 cache snoop ram Pass
6.1.1 i/o counters processor user timer Pass
6.1.2 i/o counters processor counter Pass
6.1.3 i/o counters system counter Pass
6.2.1 i/o lance getid Pass
6.2.2 i/o lance csr Pass
6.2.3 i/o lance rap Pass
6.2.4 i/o lance rdp Pass
6.3.1 i/o esp register r/w Pass
6.3.2 i/o esp config reg Pass
6.3.3 i/o esp fifo access Pass
6.3.4 i/o esp command reg Pass
6.4.1 i/o pp register access Pass
6.4.2 i/o pp io readback Pass
6.4.3 i/o pp tcr readback Pass
6.5.1 i/o tod regs test Pass
6.5.2 i/o tod nvram access Pass
7.1.1 intr regs sys Pass
7.1.2 intr regs proc Pass
7.2.1 intr software interrupts disabled Pass
7.2.2 intr software interrupts enabled Pass
7.2.3 intr software multi Pass
7.3.1 intr pp Interrupts Pass
7.4.1 intr timer system counter Pass
7.4.2 intr timer process counter Pass
8.1.1 dma apc bypass Pass

SPARCstation 5, No Keyboard
ROM Rev. 2.29, 32 MB memory installed, Serial #8913596.
Ethernet address 8:0:20:88:2:bc, Host ID: 808802bc.

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