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    Opteron 2200 - 8400 Series w/Arima NM46x, ASUS, SuperMicro, or Tyan

    1. I've been looking at so many component details over the past few weeks that I don't even recall how all this got started how...[man] I'm looking at developing my home lab in the area of 64-bit systems with multiple examples of older technology to begin with for the cost savings. Anyone out there with experiences with Rioworks Arima NM46X server boards and AMD Opteron 2218HE, 2247HE, 8347HE, 8376HE CPUs? Arima NM46X boards are the cheapest boards, but no new BIOS since some years ago and my research is likely to have some holes in it. When I hit the lottery I'll spend $500k on new computer toys within weeks, but until then, I have to budget...[sniff-sniff]

    2. I found a good thread on another Forum where a group of fellas went through this process 2 years ago and it looks like they got an Opteron 8356 working with an Arima NM46X.

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    These sources:
    Arima NM46X, NM46X1U, SW44X and SW44X1U Deliver Remarkable Solutions for AMD Opteron Socket F Processor, Contributing to the Growing AMD64 Ecosystem
    List of AMD Opteron microprocessors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    say, that you should be able to run the two 22XX opterons without a problem.

    I believe, the chips for a 8 cpu machine will not work.
    At least they are not supported.
    Ok, weak argument for a system from 2006.
    But mixing hardware parts that are not meant to be combined is something for a McGuyver episode and not for a datacenter
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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