Hi All,

I'm getting an office set up with Linux and we're having some issues finding a printer that works well with the setup. The only requirements are really that it prints in color and has scanning capabilities. I've used sane before to scan via network (and of course have shared printers via cups), so it doesn't need to be a network enabled printer. The reason I'm asking via forum is because we picked up an HP Officejet 4500 that was 'officially supported' but it printed things incredibly dark.. photo's were almost unrecognizable, but an older 'crappy' hp printed the stuff just fine (if not a bit grainy, probably from sitting in an attic for a year).

The owner and I are now both uncomfortable just picking at random from a 'supported' list, so we would like some first-hand "this printer works" or "this printer works, but just keep in mind this one quirk". We're installing Mandriva on the machines, if that makes any difference (which I would assume it doesn't.. but just in case).

I did a quick search via the big yellow bar, but didn't really find anything helpful..