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    3c940 ethernet driver got unloaded, how to reload?

    I hope this is a simple question.
    I installed a wacom tablet driver and SOMEHOW, by reboot time, I think the ethernet driver got unloaded.
    I suspect this because "lspci -k" does NOT show a kernel driver for the device, and "ifconfig -a" shows only the loopback device.

    The "card" is built-in:
    3Com Corporation 3c940 10/100/1000-Base-T [Marvell] rev 12
    System is Fedora 14, kernel is

    1) How to I reinstall the suitable driver?

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    I think I found the correct diver, by browseing the kernel source: and I think the correct driver is "skge.ko"
    The bad news is "modprobe skge.ko" returns the error "module not found"
    Even worse, "modprobe -l" shows nothing but
    This makes me think that ALL modules were removed!
    How to fix!

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    modprobe skge
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    Thanks for the reply.
    "mosprobe skge" returns module not found.
    "lsmod" returns only 9 lines of output.
    On my other linux system, returns 68 lines of output, showing many more loaded modules.

    More evidence of disaster. I'm surprised it booted.

    /lib/modules/ seems to still exist intact.

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    Fixed (I think)
    "depmod -a"
    Seems to have fixed everything.
    I believe the /etc/modprobe.dep file got clobbered, and depmod -a restored it.

    Several nasty surprises here.
    1) The script in the wacom driver repository is broken
    2) A missing /etc/modprobe.dep prevents any modules from loading
    3) No warnings/errors are generated when /etc/modprobe.dep is missing

    The manpage for modprobe notes "modprobe expects an up-to-date modules.dep file, as generated by depmod..."
    It does NOT state "if this file is missing, no modules can be loaded."
    Even "modprobe -cv" does not print anything about problems with modprobe.dep.

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