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    USB harddisk accessible in LINUX but not in WINDOWS XP SP3

    Hello there I am trying to access a TRANSCEND 250gb USB harddisk in Windows XP.I had installed RHEL 6 on my laptop and was not able to access the USB drive in Linux RHEL 6,I guess I dont remember I tried to mount it in Linux after installing ntfs-3g drivers in Linux ..I was able to mount and access all drive partitions of my laptop but not USB ...

    I was able to access the contents in WINDOWS xp3 even though I wasn't able to access in RHEL 6 when I first connected it.

    I tried to access the contents of this USB hdd using Ubuntu Live cd and I am able to access it ..but when I connect to Windows the ICON just doesn't show up ...please let me know the steps involved in making the USB disk recognized in WINDOWS XP SP3 and if possible RHEL 6.0


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    How is the drive formatted? If ext3 or ext4, you may need an add-in for Windows to recognize it. Google ext3 in XP.

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    Hello Brown ..I was able to access it in Windows earlier ..its formatted with NTFS issues when accessing in Live CD - Ubuntu but not accessible in RHEL 6.1 and also WINDOWS XP ...I tried restoring the MBR and still the problem persists


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