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    watchdog device in intel ICH8M IOC


    i working with a MSC ETE-PV510 board which has a Intel ICH8M Chipset and a Hardware Watchdog device.

    There is support in the vanilla kernel for a long time (trying with ubuntu 10.04 and debian 5) by drivers/watchdog/iTCO_wdt but i cannot get it working.

    If i modprobe iTCO_wdt it looks like its pulling in other watchdog modules (sbc8360, sbc_fitpc2_wdt ...) according to syslog, which give some errors.

    I tried blacklisting them all and test them one by one, creating char device node with 10 130 and echoing something to it (as supposed) but had no success to reset the wd timer (ie the machine reboots)
    Also tried the watchdog package (daemon) with same result.

    If someone has this working and could give me a procedure or some hint woud be nice.



    • with module iTCO_wdt i get "no such device" when i try to write to /dev/watchdog
    • with module sbc8360 i get no error and a kernel msg (unexpected close, watchdog will continue...) when writing to the device, but nevertheless the machine reboots
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