This printer was fine for 1 page thanx to help provided here.
Now it complained that the default printer and hp1k printer I created need to be open to the network (which I do not have) so decided to remove the default printer with success. Now it prints and the end of a 2 page text the text is multi-printed or something which makes it unreadable. Ran a test page and the end of it got the same treatment. I am beginning to know why HP is getting out of computers -- it cant make a decent printer either.
Is my solution to just buy a printer when it runs out of ink since this is the cheaper than the ink alone? Or is this just substituting one problem for another? HELP!! I need this printer to work.
Slackware 13.37
Cups 1.4.6
HPLIP 3.11.3a
hp1000 deskjet j110 ---UGGLY!!