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    Button on Microscope QX3

    I'm working on a Java software for using the microscope QX3 in the primary school and I need a way to figure out when the user press the button on the microscope. I can't get this from V4L2 library, so reading the CPiA(1) - gspca driver, I found the var button on the struct qx3:
    struct {
      /* Intel QX3 specific data */
      u8 qx3_detected; /* a QX3 is present */
      u8 toplight;     /* top light lit , R/W */
      u8 bottomlight;  /* bottom light lit, R/W */
      u8 button;       /* snapshot button pressed (R/O) */
      u8 cradled;      /* microscope is in cradle (R/O) */
    } qx3;

    Could someone kindly tell me if there is a way to read this value?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Well, this is a C structure, not a Java one, so you probably need to either write a C/C++ program that can get this data and send it to your java application, or you can embed it into your java app and access it via a JNI function call. Unfortunately, since I am not familiar with this API I don't know what more to suggest, although remember that Google is your friend!
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