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    Linux centrals Combox Problem

    I recently Purchased a combox from linux central.
    it is suppose to switch between 3 hard drives,however.
    it will only work with one drive attached,when i connect the other 2 it freezes up.seems to be a problem with the 3 connector cord.
    linux central advised me to ask someone in this forum.
    really need some help on this one.
    has anyone fixed this problem ?
    thank you for any info,
    Robert w

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    Robert, you seem to be on the right track...Sounds like you are using a 3-dvice connector cable..If so you must ditch it as it will not work. I have a set of Romtec Trios boxes which are the same set-up as I understand it. You must use one cable from your mobo to the box. Then you must use 3 single-device cables from your combox to each individual hard drive. In other words, you will have 4 seperate and distinct cables, other wise your mobo will be confused and gripe at you! It does get crowded but you can handle it! I have two Romtec boxes..the first one controls 3 main drives one of which has Windows XP, the other two have various flavors of Linux..the two I use most are Linspire and SuSe with Linspire being the one I use almost 100 per cent any more. The other box controls three data drives for strorag of files..mostly photos which I like to work on. Get it up and running and I know that you will be pleased,,especiallly when you goof and contain it to one drive!! UA

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