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    GE Wireless Mouse Driver???

    I have a GE 98763 Rev. S1 that works but is slightly Wonky...
    It's a fairly straightforward Wireless Mouse that connects to a dongle in a USB port. only thing unusual about it is that IIRC its a 4 button mouse not a 3... 2 normal buttons and a trackwheel that also functions as a middle button... however IIRC you can also push the track wheel slightly to the right and it functions as a 4th button there. Tho I could be wrong and that could just be the same as pushing it straight down like the middle button. it doesn't push left... anyway the Wonkyness is basically this...

    Firstly it doesn't seem to like pull down menus. If I left click it will usually show the pull down but then sometimes when I move the mouse it closes the pull down. but then sometimes it works fine.

    Second... in, for example, VLC media player. you can us the Track wheel to increase/decrease the volume as well as advance/rewind the video depending where you hover while turning the wheel. Well it seems to think I am constantly turning the wheel to raise the vol and advance the film respectively depending where i put the mouse...

    I suspect the Driver but GE does not seem to have Drivers for linux and I have been unable to find the right driver for this mouse online. the only ONE that I did find that seemed to say it may work with linux was...

    ...from some web site that wanted me to sign up for a bunch of BS before it would let me DL the driver. The site looked fishy to me so I'm not going that rout. If you do a search for that file I just posted you will get 2 hits off duckduckgo both are the same site and if you click the download link it dumps you to a page that says you need to sign up... just in case anyone out there feels like taking a peek at it to see if it indeed does look legit.

    Anyone have any Ideas on how to get this mouse working properly or do I really need to keep this mouse reserved for Windows use only???

    running Debian GNU 6.0.3 i386 stable but I think I did an update for the kernel. not sure exactly what it's at right now.

    Thanx in advance


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    I don't know specifically how to fix your particular mouse (and I certainly wouldn't trust driver packages form any old download site) but...

    I have a wireless mouse on my media centre pc and I occasionally get behaviour a little like this. When things start to go wrong, its either a problem with the batteries in the mouse (AAA's, I just swap them with the ones I already have on charge) or it's a range issue - the sensor is on a small lead and so I just move it a bit closer to the physical mouse.

    Could these be the cause of your problems here?
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    I know the batteries are not the problem as they are new but now that you mention it it may be a range issue... I used to use this mouse with my laptop until I had to replace it with one with a nano receiver. I hadn't used this mouse in years but now that you mention it I seem to recall there being some range issues with it... I will have to try this out and see as being too far from the receiver may very well be the cause of this sort of problem. Thanx for the recommendation. I will reply back if I find out anything more. As well as checking to see if it's wonky like this on any of my other machines.


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    I had a wireless mouse awhile back, it just did not like Linux, or the other way around. Laggy, freezing....I finally just got tired of fooling with it and got a different brand.
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