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    Recovery of a Raid partition

    So I've thoroughly foobar'd my RAID-1 partition. I had two disks in tandem, and was preparing for a major configuration switch. Both disks were in sync, and I removed one of them from the raid setup to use as temporary storage while I moved my system.

    Anyway, Long story short, I ended up with one wiped drive, and another which is a member of the RAID partition, but marked as a spare. I know this drive has my data on it, but I can't activate the array, because there aren't any "active" drives, only spares.

    How can I fix this?

    mdadm --examine /dev/sdc1
             Magic : a92b4efc
           Version : 1.0
       Feature Map : 0x0
        Array UUID : d5e6cf15:7681578e:e22c86ed:abada15f
              Name : 1
     Creation Time : Mon Jul  4 19:53:39 2011
        Raid Level : raid1
      Raid Devices : 2
    Avail Dev Size : 5860529904 (2794.52 GiB 3000.59 GB)
        Array Size : 5860529904 (2794.52 GiB 3000.59 GB)
      Super Offset : 5860530160 sectors
             State : active
       Device UUID : f0784cc6:587f19ee:bf915df4:670e4caa
       Update Time : Mon Mar 12 12:30:47 2012
          Checksum : a2f1957f - correct
            Events : 397394
      Device Role : spare
      Array State : A. ('A' == active, '.' == missing)

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    It sounds like you did not issue a remove command to drop one of the drives from the array.
    With your remaining drive, try issuing the following command:

    mdadm --add /dev/mdX /dev/sdc1

    Where X is the number of your inactive RAID device. If you manage to have this drive rejoined into the array, then you will need to
    add the other drive to the RAID array and let it resync.

    The following link gives a good description about adding a replaced drive to RAID array. You can only follow these instructions after
    you have activated the failed RAID device:

    You can do a search for "adding drive to linux RAID" using google. Limit the search for postings from the past year. Unfortunately I cannot post a link to a good guide for working with failed Linux RAID systems to this forum.

    Good luck!

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