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    Normal CPU Usage

    I have posted a screen shot of my CPU usage.

    Is that normal when I am only running a running a vnc session and firefox.

    I am just curious that it seems to be a lot of cpu usage for having nearly nothing open.


    Dell T5500
    RHEL 6.2 64 bit os
    2.28.2 gnome

    Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor N Series.


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    What do you see when you run
    which should show you the culprit or culprits
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    VNC is pretty resource intensive. It looks like between VNC, firefox, and the rest of your system, you are consuming about 50% of available CPU. Whether or not that is excessive, that is TBD. I run an 8 core E5450 (Penryn CPU) system, and I can consume 50% or more of available processor cycles pretty easily when I am doing video processing, compiling, etc.
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