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Thread: Temperatures

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    I've installed Linux Mint 12 on a desktop that kept crashing unexplicably under Windows XP.
    It's still crashing, but it looks like this is the problem:

    Adapter: Virtual device
    temp1: +52.0C (crit = +70.0C)

    Adapter: Radeon i2c bit bus 0x92
    temp1: +43.0C (high = +70.0C)
    temp2: +73.1C (low = +0.0C, high = +70.0C) ALARM (HIGH)
    (crit = +106.0C, hyst = +96.0C)

    Looks like the graphics card is overheating. My Question is, what to do?
    New graphics adapter or new fan?
    The fan on the graphics card is working.
    Maybe anoher fan could be installed on the graphics card.

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    I've noticed that my nVidia temperature rises from 38-40 degrees to 65-70 degrees when using Firefox 11. Within 10 seconds of opening it the temp has gone up by 12 degrees. Seamonkey doesn't have this problem.
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