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    Upgrading to SSD - TRIM, AHCI and dual boot


    Currently my system is

    Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3
    4GB RAM
    Athlon 640
    1x 1TB Samsung F3
    2x 500GB Samsung F3
    1x SATA DVD
    1x IDE DVD (Disconnected)

    I plan to add a SSD boot, and use the 1TB for backups only, with the 2 500GBs for data. Then later I want to go to 64bit, add more RAM and upgrade windows, but thats not for today.

    When I first installed on this build there was some sort of missing driver or poor compatability with the IDE controller, so I had to disable it to install Linux. I was also told to set the SATA controller to IDE mode instead of AHCI as that was more stable for troubleshooting an install.

    Now I want to add the SSD I will want to use AHCI instead. How can I change the drives over, if I flip the BIOS over will they still be readable or do I need to change settings in the OS too?

    When I fresh install Linux I assume TRIM turns on automatically, what about this drive alignment that I have read a lot about online?

    Also, last q, the SSD will be split between Linux and Windows, can Linux TRIM the windows NTFS partition for it because XP lacks this ability?


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    Check the following article on the Arch Wiki for some good tips and info about running SSD devices under Linux:

    The article was written with Arch in mind, but most of it should apply to the other distros, too. I've been running Arch on solid state drives for a year or two now and no problems to report, but I don't do any dual booting so can't answer on that.

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