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    Computer for reading webpages off-line

    Hi, I'm looking for some kind of a small computer with low power usage that, when on the Internet, can save webpages. Then when away from a connection, I can read the webpages off-line.

    I think the minis have extremely low power needs. Maybe one of those would be best. I'd like to buy something used on eBay for maybe under $100

    Does anyone know what type of computer would be good for this purpose, and also be compatible with a Linux OS? I'm familiar with Puppy and Ubuntu, so maybe one of those would be best. I'd tend toward Puppy because of it' simplicity and low demands. It should be plenty powerful for this use.

    Thank you much. --Jim

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    if you have patience, you'll soon be able to get a raspberry PI, which can run off a monitor's usb HUB

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    Hi Many, Thanks for the reply. The price is right, the power usage is right, but I'm afraid the screen would be too small. Can you or anyone else think of something with a larger screen that uses less than 12 watts, or is that pie in the sky? Thanks. --Jim

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    the raspberry PI does not come with a screen, per se, so I'm not sure what you mean. you can plug any monitor in it that you wish (that has a compatible connector - HDMI/DVI/VGA, etc.). good luck getting a raspberry, though, they are way back-ordered. however, there are MANY alternatives (although not too many i386 ones - most are arm) . you could try one of these low power alternatives, for a little bit more coin:

    there are also lots of options at and

    as to monitors, low power seems hard to come by. This monitor from lookbox is a power-sipper, though.

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    That's good info. I'll check out those links you provided. Thanks to both of you. Your help is much appreciated ---Jim

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