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    Fingerprint device reader & MySQL

    Hello all linuxforum !

    Im trying to set up an environment where a properly device configured under GNU\Linux could store each fingerprint in a database backend ( mysql or other ) via tcp/ip through a script basically for timestamp, thats the main idea.

    Ive been googling for devices and projects like fprint but seems to be out to date ( last news 2008 ).

    Someone could give me some clue on that, or a fingerprint reader that could perform this task?

    Some info would be really appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    Even though the fprint project is old and seems abandoned doesn't mean it won't work in today's OS's.
    Might want to give it a try.
    You can also check out the links on this page;
    FingerForce - Debian Wiki

    May have some newer software that will suit your needs.

    Not sure what you plan to use this for or who's fingerprints you intend to copy and database but just a word of precaution.
    Check your state, local, national government laws about doing this.
    Even if it's legal, copying and storing other people's fingerprints without their knowledge or consent could end up with some really pissed off former friends.

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    Thks TaZManiac for your reply, im taking a look to the fprint mailing list, libfprint and so on to verify if it suite my needs.

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