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    Silent Home Server


    I am looking to build a home Linux server. Capable of acting like a NAS drive whilst streaming music to my Xbox, hosting personal websites, IRC, and other such stuff.

    My desired requirements are:

    Fanless or very quiet as itíll be living near the TV.
    Energy efficient as itíll be on all the time.
    8gb ddr3 ram as FreeNas recommend (I wonít be using FreeNas but itís a good guideline).
    2.0ghz duo core CPU or better.
    Small case.
    Capable of holding 2 or more internal hard drives.

    What Case, Motherboard and CPU could anyone suggest? (Budget £250-300)

    Many thanks,

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    You probably don't need all that power. My server is a dual-core Atom, runs very little power and hosts some large hard disks. If you select carefully, you can get a fanless Atom mainboard, stick in as much memory as it'll hold and run an SSD hard disk, then it'd be virtually silent apart from any fans in the PSU. My atom server has a processor fan, which is quiet but not silent - and, of course, the hard disks add even more noise.

    I find that its more important to have the network bandwidth rather than grunt from the server CPU. My atom box hosts several web sites and my email, servers my media and provides NFS partitions to my much more powerful desktop PCs, and it never struggles to keep up. I do have gigabit networking where it's needed, of course, and this makes the difference.

    If you get a small micro case with a low power PSU in it (120W or similar) these too can be pretty quiet, even the cheap ones. I bought my micro cases from, who are a UK supplier.
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