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    password while installing printer


    I have a HP PSC 2410 printer installed on a Windows machine and I want to install it on this computer running SuSE 9.2 Professional. I get through the printing wizard thing in KDE fine, but at the end it asks me to supply a password. I don't know what it wants, because I've tried my username and password, root and password, and the Windows machine has no password on it. Has this happened to anybody else? BTW, the other computer is running Windows XP SP2.

    Is there a way to install the printer without the wizard, because I've found that some of the SuSE wizards can be a bit buggy and using the console can work better sometimes.


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    Search on this forum for suse and cups or on the suse website, it's been covered before.

    Suse thought it would be a good idea to encrypt the cups password, hence you can't login with root.
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    Thanks, that worked.

    Just one more question though... when I entered this command:

    lppasswd -g sys -a root
    I can only delete printing jobs if I'm root. Is it also possible to enter:

    lppasswd -g sys -a <USERNAME_GOES_HERE>
    so I can delete jobs from my user account using the printing manager?

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    never mind, i went into the printer manager configuration and enterred my root login information there and everything is working great now. Thanks.

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