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    Cool. What you going to do with it ?

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    Please let us know what you think of it, when you get time to give it a good work out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krendoshazin View Post
    I received my Raspberry Pi today, and it's the model B version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krendoshazin View Post
    I received my Raspberry Pi today, and it's the model B version.

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    just received mine, too. almost didn't see it in the box, it's so small. first to figure out how to power it up...

    krendo, what distro are you putting on it? they recommend the Debian spin for it, but I know there is a Fedora spin, too - though it is not considered as stable as the Debian one.

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    I put Arch on it, but I wasn't that overly impressed with it: I attempted to install X windows on it, but Pacman said that it couldn't find about 8 necessary packages. Looking on the repo it seems as if the versions there are higher than what Pacman expected, and this is the same for all the repo mirrors provided. I tried Debian instead, and on first bootup it froze while rebooting, so I had to pull the power; this resulted in the device not powering on properly, and I had to plug the card into my computer and fsck the Linux partition.

    Arch felt a bit less clunky, and SSH works straight out of the box -- so you can get into it even without a display. I think once they sort the repo problems out (with a poke from me, perhaps), then it should be perfectly usable. I've yet to really give it a run for its money, so I'll reserve my judgment on it for now. Functionality wise it's performing adequately.

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    thanks for the good info - i've yet to take mine out of the box...sigh

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