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    Plantronics 626 USB Headphone Mic set causing boot time issues

    I have a pair of headphones that would be interested in using on my Linux box however for some reason if they are plugged in at boot time an endless loop of errors occurs at that specific hub and port

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    There is not enough information here to help. I like Plantronics headsets, but mostly I use their bluetooth ones these days. At work, I use a different brand of USB headset/mic, but then I run Win7 on the system (Linux is in a VM). So, if it is ok when unplugged on boot, then just unplug it first!

    Finally, report this to Plantronics. I have no idea if this will encourage them to research/fix the problem, but it can't hurt!
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    Some headphone jacks are designed to kill the speakers and/or change the way the sound is dealt with. Have you tried to plug in the headphones after the boot is completed? If it works then, it's probably something to do with the jack itself. If you get the same errors after the boot and then plugging in the headphones, it could be the sound system is faulty. Try a live CD and see if that changes things. Also, I would make sure you have the latest motherboard BIOS. That can cause strange issues.

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    Yes i do have the latest BIOS and i do not know exactly what the error was it just said a generic usb error however whatever the problem is it doesnt record into kern.log or dmesg.

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