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    PC keeps turning off all of a sudden when using CUDA.

    Hello all.

    I've got a PC which is over-clocked to 4GHz. I've got an Nvidia GTX 570 GPU and 8 gigs of ram. My power supply is an 1250W Enermax Revolution 85+.

    I've currently moved into my University/College residence to finish off my degree. When I do anything related to CUDA in Linux or in Windows, my PC restarts. No BSOD in Windows either. Just like someone just disconnected my machine. Really annoying.

    The thing is, when I was living at my parents home, my system was fully working. I was able to run CUDA enabled application and games (Borderlands 2). Ever since moving into my residence I've been having some trouble.

    I'm starting to think whether at my residence that they have some sort of protection when drawing too much power from the sockets. I've heard of something called brownout protection too.

    Cause Windows isn't helpful, is there a way to obtain the last know error logs in Linux? I've looked into the /var/log directory but I'm not having any luck. I hope my hardware isn't failing.


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    Your problem seems to be power related. At first, bring your CPU back to its original freq, and have some test. You may also purchase a power supply socket with a power meter inside. Have a look at the "cos phi" value, it must be close to 1. If you suspect a power limit in your wall socket, plug a lamp with a multi and you'll see wether the lamp turns off at the same time the PC does. One stupid question : is your wall socket made for a electric shaver ?

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