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Thread: ip problems

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    ip problems

    aye all,

    i have just installed linux fedora core 3 on my laptop, and i have been trying to install a netowrk card, and it askes me for my ip, (which i can't find) is their anyway way i can find the settings to install the network card from the desktop?

    P.S: when i try to install the network card when my laptop boots up and i get to where i need to punch in my information it automaticly switches to a whole other screen and it says like, enabling swap storage...and thats it

    the card is d-link, DFE-690TXD

    thanks if i get replys

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    Are you connecting to a local network (LAN), or to your ISP directly?

    If you are connecting to your LAN, and you have a router, it probably assigns the IP via DHCP, so you'd just need to tell Fedora to use DHCP to assign IP. The same goes for if you are connecting to an ISP.

    If you have your own LAN configuration, without a fancy router (ie: just a hub, etc), you'll need to provide more information on your configuration.
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    to check your ip type
    ifconfig eth0
    then add it to the /etc/hosts file to look like :
    <personal ip> <hostname> <alias>
    all these if you don't want to use dhcp
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