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    Prevent mdadm soft-raid to mount degraded?

    Hi Community.

    I was wondering if someone knew how to set up the linux softraid 'mdadm' in a way that it would only auto-mount arrays if all disks are present.

    The default configuration is to auto-scan all partitions for raid-headers, and assemble and start any found. Even degraded.

    I could not find a hint in man or forum pages...

    The point is avoiding a resync if one disks just happens not to start properly. Also to make sure I don't miss a fault. So if a disks fails, I would notice it, solve it, and mount manually.

    I tested the default behavior:

    - disconnect on of six disks in a raid6 array.
    - start machine. It automounts degraded.
    - power off, reconnect disk.
    - start machine. It remains degraded. Disk is not
    added back into the array.
    - Add manually with --manage /dev/... --add /dev/...
    - array resyncs.

    Any help?

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    Well, that is the PURPOSE of RAID 5+ arrays - to allow you to continue to operate when one drive has failed (degraded mode). This allows you to replace the failed drive while still being in operation (if in a performance-degraded manner). If you don't need that capability, and are only interested in striping to get maximum performance from your drives, then you need to use a different RAID setting. The mdadm tool should allow you to do that, but remember that if one drive fails, you lose EVERYTHING...
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