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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven_G View Post
    But with no model # you're kind of buying a pig in a poke. Maybe it will work and you don't really have anything to lose if it doesn't. Personally I perfer to go with solutions I know will work when I can.
    Very good point, plus you mentioned something along the lines of avoiding correspondence transaction for items you're not sure will work. Today I stopped ad a computer store asking about a USB video adapter but they didn't have one, it's a small shop.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven_G View Post
    Also, you keep going on about resolution. From looking around the web a lot of these units only put out fairly low res.
    A item on my eBay watchlist is USB 3.0 to DVI VGA HDMI Multi Display Graphics Adapter 5Gbps 2048 x 1152 (#120985453037).

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven_G View Post
    With a two year old TV I'm running 1080p 1920x1080 with the BluRay unit in my puter and I can see Thor's pores in the Avengers.
    I'll keep that in mind but only after I rules out using my 2 CRTs together, I'd much rather have the option of doubling my normal resolution if need be ; for something more productive than watching movies. I prefer killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

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    Not sure if this will apply or not. It way just be the way the IT staff has configured things. But at work I run two towers with 5 monitors. (One with two and one with three.) I can move open windows between monitors, But I can't split a window betwen monitors. Once a window gets a little more then 1/2 way on to a particular monitor the window "snaps" to that monitor. I have no admin rights on the systems so I have no idea if that's due to a box someone checked or if that's just the way it works when you split a desktop across mulitple monitors.

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