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    Question 2 TB Samsung HDD [Fdisk, mount error doubt]

    Hi, well I´ve been recently concerned about my 2 TB HDD Samsung HD204UI (NTFS partition), when I plug it in my computer (Sata to USB cable) with Fuduntu, I try to open it and the system indicates me the following:

    DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed: An operation is already pending
    The only way of mounting it and seeing the disk is using fdisk in a terminal, soon as I type it, it seems I can access my files. My doubt is there a way to fix this error and also another problem I have is when trying to plug the HDD in a Windows 7 machine it doesn´t recognize it, denying me access and only giving me the option to format the drive.

    As information before this happened, I was using a Windows PC to copy some files using the command line (xcopy) but since the power cable on the HDD sometimes fails me, it turned off (not being this the first time). I had also noticed lately my transfer rate was poorly reduced from 20-30mb/s to 500kb-2mb/s when copying files to the HDD either at 20%,30%,etc of the file.

    Since that operation I´m having this problem both on Fuduntu and Windows, unable to access my files in a correct way.

    If you could lead me in anyway on dealing with my problem I would be very happy, thanks in advance.

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    First of all, check your Hard disk using tool provided by your Hard disk Manufacturer. These tools sort out problem in most cases.
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    I´ve managed to acces my partition with the partition wizard utility, and adding permissions on the drive with takeown. Now my concern is that this is the report Diskcrystalinfo generates , should I be concern and backup my info asap?

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    It marks a current pending sector count with a value of 100.

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